Manoco Range (2)

Inspired by the design and the make of a luxurious chesterfield bed, the Monaco bed by Bedsdivans is a symbol of comfort and grandeur. Each of these beds is hand made with intricate and carefully planned designs. The upholstery is made up of the finest fabric offering a magnificent look to this royal bed. The Monaco beds are part of our signature collection and are available in selected colors and fabrics. Velvet and other high-quality materials are used for these chesterfield bed inspired designs.

Similar to a Florida bed theme, the Monaco bed has a high bed board, which provides a comfortable cushioning for the back. The buttoned-up pattern adds to the charm of this bed and transports you back to a bygone era with its opulent classical look. The beds are available in a host of colors, including the classical ones like silver, beige, black, grey, etc., along with the ones which give a more modern look like teal, mustard, sapphire, maroon, etc.

You can check out these Monaco beds in various designs like a sleigh bed, wing bed, or a swan bed in our online store, which is one of the best for divan beds in the UK. In our store, you can find various types of sleigh beds and other beds, including Winchester beds, Kendall beds, and others.