Sleigh Beds (34)

Sleigh Beds

Are you looking for a grand, comfortable bed that won’t reduce the amount of storage in your bedroom? Check out our range of sleigh beds!

Here at Bed Divans, Our sleigh beds save lots of space whilst still providing you with storage for clothing, shoes or anything else you’d like to put away. 

From the blue sleigh bed to our brilliant royal sleigh bed – we promise you’ll find the perfect bed in no time!

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What is a sleigh bed?

Sleigh beds (or scroll beds) are versatile, they can fit into both modern and traditionally decorated rooms. Curves, as well as large head and footboards, provides a shape that fits into all styles.

A sleigh bed can turn an average bedroom into a beautiful one. Our range of different colours and sizes help customers to fit their beds into any room.

You’re free to customise your bed to suit your price range and desired design. Choose from different materials, colour, mattress size, and frame sizes.

In need of extra storage? Pick how many drawers you’d like. Want a firmer mattress or a different headboard? Not sure of the correct mattress size for you? Decide for yourself, try all the sleigh bed options we have for you to create your ideal bed.

Get in contact with our customer service team for information, help, and advice on the services and sleigh beds we offer!

Are there storage options available under sleigh beds?

Ottoman sleigh beds are available if you’re looking for more storage. With an ottoman bed, the mattress and slats that it lays on top of lift up to reveal extra space for storage.

The shape of our sleigh beds does not limit their versatility. The room under the bed as well as drawers in the base of the bed allow for lots of potential storage.

How much storage space do you get?

Depending on the size you choose for an ottoman sleigh bed (double, king or super king), the amount of storage you get will increase or decrease.

The double is 4’6 x 6’3”, the king is 5′ x 6’5″ and the super king is 6’x 6’5″.

You’ll get more storage under the bed with our super king sleigh beds than you would with a double.

For an additional price, you can design sleigh beds with up to four drawers for all your storage needs.

Which mattress is best suited for a divan sleigh bed?

Your choice of mattress will depend on how firm you like your bed to be. At our shop, we offer three different options for mattresses based on firmness, these are as follows:

  • Orthopaedic mattresses: mid to soft firmness, allowing your body to sink into the mattress a little more.
  • 1500 pocket spring tinsel top mattresses: mid firmness, which results in an unchanged sleep experience.
  • 1500 pillow-top mattresses: mid to hard firmness, not allowing you to sink into the bed as much.

Check out the rest of our site for other discount and sale mattresses – there’s none better for your sleigh beds than Beds Divans!

What size mattress is best suited to the divan base?

A mattress that is the same size as the divan base is best.

As Divan beds are made of two specially produced parts – the base and the mattress – and it’s best to keep them together. With the same size mattress and base, Divan base beds take up less space and offer lots of storage.

What delivery options are available on divan bed frames?

We offer free UK delivery on all Divan bed frames, as well as a one year warranty. We are rated ‘excellent’ on Trustpilot, so you can feel safe in the knowledge that your order will get to you – fast, safe, and stress-free!

Following confirmation, orders are delivered in 3-7 working days. The dispatch for your orders will be confirmed within 1-2 working days.

You must provide a suitable contact number, as our couriers may attempt to contact you to confirm delivery information and details such as date and time.

Benefits of divan beds over alternative options

Our range of Divan bed frames save space and give you more room to sleep. They alleviate the main problem that comes with having a larger bed – lack of storage and manoeuvrability.

Our bed frames have a choice of drawer options, so you can decide on how much storage you’d like. From one drawer, all the way up to four – you’ll never be short on space at Beds Divan!


Do you need a box spring with a sleigh bed?

No, you don’t have to use a box spring with our range of sleigh beds. If you don’t mind being lower to the ground and your bed base, you won’t require a box spring – it’s up to you!
If you like to have your bed higher up and above the base then a box spring can be used. Box springs add an extra layer of support, offering a more firm base to place your mattress on.

What is the best mattress for a sleigh bed?

The best mattress styles for you depend on your needs – this can take some trial and error! No matter what type of mattress you buy, the mattress size should be suitable for the size of the bed frame or base type you purchase.

What style is a sleigh bed?

Sleigh bed frames have a type of design that can fit into any environment. Their scroll-like headboard and footboard will make a statement in any room!
You can customise the colour, size, material and buttons to fit our range of sleigh beds into any type of home – just check out our customer reviews to see just how happy people are!

Why are sleigh beds popular?

Sleigh beds are so popular due to their chic style – the price is a major factor too!
Your bed will become more than just a part of your room -it’s a centrepiece for relaxation and comfort, which helps to save space too. Additional storing options such as drawers in sleigh bed frames and ottoman style slats negate all space issues that can happen with larger beds.