Velvet Fabric Divan Beds (12)

House fabric divan beds

A great night’s sleep starts with the perfect bed, and we can help with that! Not only are our house fabric divan beds ridiculously comfortable, but they’re super stylish too. 

Available in a variety of fabrics and colours, our range of divan beds will complement any home decor perfectly. We have something to suit everyone.

Our fast delivery times and a generous range of top-quality divans make us the go-to destination for beautiful new beds. Our impressive range includes Suede divan beds, velvet fabric beds and Sleigh beds and many more beautiful bed designs. Check out our full collection below.

Whether you are looking for a divan bed with headboard or in search of low divan beds, we have it covered.

What is a linen fabric divan Bed?

When it comes to buying a new bed, a linen fabric divan bed is one of the best choices out there. These box-shaped beds are simple but incredibly practical. A divan bed set consists of a specially designed, firm base and a matching mattress.

The sturdy frame is covered in fabric for an aesthetically pleasing appearance and the bed is usually mounted on castor wheels or you can choose chrome gliders if you have wood or laminate flooring.

Finding the right mattress type for your divan bed

The divan base and the mattress are designed to be used in conjunction with each other to provide comfort and good-quality sleep.

You can also choose which type of mattress you want that will suit you and your sleep pattern. Our beds come with a variety of options, choose from the orthopaedic, pocket, or pillow-top range. 

If you prefer a medium or soft mattress, our orthopaedic or pocket mattresses would be the ideal choice. If you like your mattress to be harder, the pillow top range would be the one for you.

Is the standard option a spring mattress?

These days you have more options than just a spring mattress. Generally, you can use any style with a divan bed, however, some designer brands require a sprung edge base.

Sprung edge divans have springs integrated into the base. These springs act as a giant shock absorber and are very luxurious, taking pressure off the mattress.

Which mattress size is best suited to a Divan base?

This depends on which size base you choose. For example, if you have a king size base you wouldn’t buy a single size mattress as it would be far too small.

Another advantage to divans is that they don’t take up too much space as the bed is only as wide as its mattress.

Providing storage alongside comfort

You can add drawers under your bed for handy space-saving solutions. The drawers provide extra storage to help keep small or valuable items tidy without the need for bulky dressers or a chest of drawers.

Whether you choose a single or king size, our beds come with a range of storage options that you can customise to suit your style, needs, and room space.

How much storage space do you get?

This depends on which storage option you choose. You can have either 2 or 4 under-bed drawers. If you want the 2-drawer option, the drawers can be put on either side as the headboard can be attached at either end of the base.

For the 4-drawer option, the drawers are positioned on each side. If you have many belongings that you need to store, then the 4 drawer option is the way to go.

Delivery options for divan bed frames

We offer free delivery for addresses within 120 miles of our postcode, WV14 7HZ, and this usually takes 3-7 working days. For addresses further away it will take an additional 2-3 working days.

Ordering from our shop is easy. Browse our menu and add which items you want to your shopping cart and head to the checkout page to pay.

Keep in mind that we only accept orders from the UK mainland and once you’ve placed your order you’ll receive a confirmation email.

Benefits of divan beds over alternative options

Divans have a ton of benefits over other designs. For starters, they are customisable. Do you want a sophisticated leather base? Or is chic velvet more your thing?

Divans are fitted with castor wheels, which makes them easy to move around. You can also choose to have chrome gliders if you prefer. Lastly, divans can be used with different mattresses, making them versatile!


Is a divan better than a slatted bed?

There are quite a few differences between divan and slatted beds. Both have their pros and cons and ultimately, it’s down to your personal preference.
One major difference is that slatted bases act as air vents that will keep your mattress ventilated. Divan beds don’t have this because the bed frame is covered in fabric.
With that said, divan beds are more compact and don’t take up as much room as a slatted base.

What’s the best divan bed to buy?

Which fabric divan you choose completely depends on your personal needs and taste. Consider which bed size you need, single, double, or king? Maybe even super king?
How much storage space do you need? Do you want castor wheels or chrome glides? Do you need under bed drawers? All of our beds are available with or without storage drawers to suit your needs.

Are divan beds old fashioned?

Many people automatically write divan beds off as old fashioned. The term divan bed generally conjures up images of your grandmother’s divan adorned with frilly sheets draped over a base with a very 70s floral design.
However, modern designs are extremely stylish and would make any bedroom look Instagram-worthy! They’re also available in so many different fabric options and even leathers, which is why they’re becoming so popular again.

What’s the difference between Ottoman and divan?

The main difference is, unlike a divan bed, the Ottoman bed uses the whole base of the bed as storage space, instead of being separated into drawers.
If your shoe collection is growing rapidly or you need space for large suitcases then an ottoman may be a good choice. Otherwise, a divan bed with drawers offers space, style, and convenience.