Suede Divan Bed (15)

Suede divan beds

For some people, your bed is simply somewhere you sleep at night. But for others, it is the haven you climb into after a busy day to relax and have that well-deserved me-time.

Here at Beds Divan, we believe you deserve the best; the best quality, the best style, and the best prices! We offer the most affordable divan beds in the UK

And with our online services, you can select the divan bed for you and we will deliver it right to your door. Whether you are looking for divan bed with headboard, fabric divan bed or a suede divan bed, we have got you covered.

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What is a Suede bed?

If you’re someone who likes to snuggle up in bed with a cup of tea on a Sunday morning, then suede beds are just what you’re looking for. With the headboard being made of soft leather material, it means leaning back and relaxing in bed has never been more satisfying.

We have all known that impossible task of sitting up and trying to get comfy on a wooden or metal headboard – but with divan suede beds, you will struggle no longer.

There are a range of colours for you to choose from, including various shades of beige, silver, grey suede divan – the choice is yours!

Which part of the bed isn’t Suede?

Our divan bed is made with a strong wooden base coated in the soft suede material, providing you with a luxurious bed from head to toe. Both the headboard and the base come in your colour choice of suede bed, with the built-in storage options also incorporated into the suede design.

The standard mattress type for divan bed orders

At Beds Divan, we pride ourselves on  providing our customers with the best range of high quality and affordable mattresses in the UK. We’re passionate about letting you create the product that is best for you. The same can be said for our mattress selection, giving you the option between the Orthopaedic Foam and Spring Mattress, Memory Cool Rolled Foam Mattress, 1500 Pocket Tinsel Mattress, and the Pillow Top 1500 Pocket Mattress.

For more information on these products, please visit the ‘mattress’ option on the menu.


Our cheapest option is the Orthopaedic Foam and Spring Mattress. The combination of the bouncy spring to provide you with comfort, as well as the memory foam that morphs to your body, will give you the perfect night sleep.

Memory Foam mattress

However, if you prefer to sink into your mattress, for just a small amount more you can choose our Memory Cool Rolled Foam Mattress, our next cheapest option.

Please note that this mattress is available for single (3ft) through to king size (5ft), but unfortunately is NOT available in super king size (6ft).

Which size mattress is best suited to the Divan base?

You can choose your divan bed from a range of sizes: single (3ft), small double (4ft), double (4ft 6in), king (5ft) and super king size (6ft).

So, all you need to do is choose the size divan base that best suits you and your needs, and then you can select the corresponding divan mattress!

Delivery options for divan bed frames

We want to make life as easy as possible for you here at Beds Divan, which is why we offer FREE delivery, guaranteed to get to you within 3-7 working days if you are within 120 miles of our postcode WV14 7HZ. However, if you’re outside of the postcode you needn’t worry! Delivery is still free, with just an extra 2-5 working days added to the expected delivery date.

Please ensure that you leave the correct contact number so that one of our sales team can get in touch. Once we have received customer confirmation, your order will be dispatched with a date and approximate time of delivery.

Please note, our drivers provide a free curbside delivery service. This means that they are permitted to bring the items to your front door, and no further. If you live in a flat or raised building, please ensure that you have made suitable arrangements if necessary for you.

Deliveries only to mainland UK.

Benefits of a divan bed over alternative options

At Beds Divan, we aim to accommodate any needs you may have. With a variety of options for your divan base, headboard, colour, size, feet, mattress and storage options, every order is personal to you.

These categories will enable you to choose the details that best suit your needs, thus allowing us to create top quality, stylish, yet useful products. For instance, the feet of our standard divan bed comes with castor wheels, however, we give you the option to upgrade to chrome sliders.

Our divan bed set includes options for all of these components, making it an economical way to shop, especially if you are going for a whole bedroom revamp! However, there is the option to purchase just the divan base, as we understand that our customers will have varying needs.

Not only that, but we also provide our customers with a 1-year warranty, as we feel that you deserve top quality guaranteed all year round.


Does a Grey suede divan bed wash easy?

The easiest way to keep your suede bed looking fresh and clean is to regularly maintain it. This does not mean to say that you need to be giving it a full wash four times a week! But when you flick the vacuum round on your Sunday spruce, why not do the same on your suede headboard?
If you’re worried about marks and dirt, then some mild detergent, a cloth and warm water are all you need!

What is the difference between a divan and a bedstead?

A divan and a bedstead both work to raise the mattress and make your bed more accessible. However, whilst the two are similar, a divan uses a solid base, whereas a bedstead uses slats.
If you are someone who likes to have their things easily and neatly tidied away, then divan beds are certainly more suited for you. As well as their increased stability as a result of having a solid, rather than the slatted base, they also provide a tidier under-bed storage solution.