Low Divan Beds (1)

Low divan beds

If you want to update your bedroom with an elegant, attention-grabbing centrepiece, then you might consider a low divan bed. With our customisable service, you can create the perfect ambience in the most personal room in the house: your bedroom.

As the leading provider of quality divan beds in the UK, we understand the importance of personal taste when it comes to the bedroom. We offer a wonderful variety of divan bed bases, your choice of fabric, material, textures, and more! All to help guarantee that you end up with your dream bedroom, and the very best service.

What are low beds?

If you have limited height space, as is the case with loft conversions, limited mobility, or just want to add an extra sense of luxe to your room, low beds are essential bedroom furniture.

Otherwise called divan beds, low beds are comprised of a bed base that is closer to the ground than your standard bed, usually measuring 5 inches. They also feature a platform top, providing a firm surface to offer you greater support.

A huge selection to suit any home and style

As the UK experts in divan beds, we offer our customers a huge choice of divan bed base options. Depending on your needs and aesthetic preferences, you can choose from a variety of fabric bed colours and materials, including our house fabric, velvet, suede, and even a leather bed base.

We provide a wide choice of specific bed base designs; here are a few of our most-loved divan beds.

Classic Low Divan Beds

Perhaps our most elegant product, the low divan bed creates a relaxing, inviting ambience thanks to its simple and sleek design.

Ottoman Beds

For a clever storage solution, the Rattan Ottoman bed is the way to go. It may appear to be just a low divan bed base, but this nifty design includes a moveable platform top that can slide up and allow for easy under-the-bed access.

The ottoman’s hollow base is large, providing ample storage space. Plus, we offer you a variety of sizes and fabric colours to make the functional attractive and unique to you.

Sleigh Beds

The Sleigh bed is a great choice for master bedrooms due to their impressive frame designs. Often featuring padded headboard struts with a fabric overlay, the sleigh bed is an excellent feature product that allows you to make a statement in the bedroom.  The base is sturdy and, depending on the fabric colours used, would suit a contemporary or traditional look.

Better yet, you have the choice to opt for a storage sleigh bed, which includes four drawers of extra storage space.

Nevada Beds

The Nevada divan bed is an excellent product to go for if you have limited floor space. Perfect for a kids bedroom or even the guest room, this simple wooden bed is both comfortable and affordable.

However, simple doesn’t mean boring. We offer a range of Nevada beds to suit all needs, whether you need extra storage or something a little bigger, we here to help. You can also request add-ons such as headboards and mattresses.

Kids Beds

If you’re looking for something specifically child-friendly, look no further than our kids’ range. From simple single Nevada beds and wooden bunk beds to our low sleeper beds with extra comfort features, we have it all.

Our low sleeper beds are among our most popular children’s options. The clever bed base design includes nifty storage compartments and raised platform top, meaning that your child can have a safe and comfortable sleep.

Choosing the right mattress for your low divan base

So, you’ve chosen your perfect low divan bed base, now you must find the right mattress to match. The size and design of your divan base will determine which size mattress you’ll need. However, you’ll also want to take into consideration the texture and special features of your mattress.

Luckily at Beds Divans UK, we offer a huge range of top quality mattresses, providing variety in size, colour, width, and material. You can choose from a more affordable, simple mattress, and Orthopaedic products for added comfort and support.

There is no limit on the kind of mattress suited to a low divan bed base. Just make sure it fits the width and length of your chosen divan base, and that it satisfies your sleeping needs!

Benefits of a low divan bed over alternative options

Low divan beds are easily customisable, which makes them an excellent choice if you’re looking to elevate your bedroom decor. But more than just appearance, a low divan bed base has far greater functionality than conventional designs.

Thanks to their low-to-the-ground design, low divan beds are the perfect space-saver – great for any loft conversion bedrooms.  The divan base also provides an opportunity for sneaky storage, perfect for smaller rooms or those lacking cupboard space.

Overall, the divan is a great choice if you’re looking for luxury and a more customisable product. Plus, featuring a sturdy, strong platform top, they’re suitable for any user weight.


Do delivery options vary depending on the bed size?

No. No matter what size low divan base you choose, we’ll ensure that it gets delivered to your door promptly and in top-quality condition.

Can I use a discount code at checkout?

We pride ourselves on our competitive product quality and prices. While we do offer extra discounts on selected items, if you present a valid discount code at checkout, we would be happy to accept it.

Is Divan better than slats?

A divan base is smaller in size than a slatted frame, therefore allowing you extra room space. You can also customise your divan to suit your style and due to its simplistic design, a divan can slide into any room easily.

Finally, divans tend to be more durable than traditional slats and can support almost any user weight.

What’s the best divan bed to buy?

When it comes to choosing the best divan bed base, the user comes first. Finding the right base for you depends on the room, your specific needs, and ultimately, your own style.

We offer a selective range of divan beds to help guarantee that you find the right bed for you.

  • Low Divan Bed 5 inch Base In All Colours Sizes Vary From Single Double King Or Super King

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    From: £79.00
    The 5 inch low divan bed which included the feet offers firm support, this low divan comes in a variety of fabrics ,choose from the linen fabrics to the vibrant crushed velvet range all colors  give a  contemporary look that's designed for style conscious people. A normal deep divan has a height of 14" (35cm), so to cater for those who would like a lower base, bedsdivans are offering this product  at  5" (13cm), It is upholstered in a modern linen fabric or a choice of crushed velvet colors. You also have the option of standard castors or stylish silver glide feet.